ibm cate认证介绍

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  IBM根据其产品分类设置了相应的专业认证项目,那么IBM认证是什么呢?IBM认证的优势又怎样的呢?下面我们看看ibm cate认证介绍情况,希望对大家有帮助!


  Job Role Description / Target Audience

  Certifies an advanced level of System p AIX 5L knowledge and understanding, both in breadth and depth. Verifies the ability to perform in-depth analysis, apply complex AIX 5L concepts and provide resolution to critical problems, all in a variety of areas within System p and AIX 5L. The successful candidate must have significant skill and understanding of System p servers, operating systems and middleware.

  To attain the


  Certified Advanced Technical Expert -


  System p5 2006 certification, candidates must pass four tests.



  certification is being updated during 2008. The first new qualifying required test is 223 System p Administrator. This certification replaces test 222 (now withdrawn). Either 222 or 223 will apply for this


  . The existing or new electives published in 2008 must be used to complete this certification in 2008. The new identified electives will also count toward the new


  to be announced in 2008.

  Recommended Prerequisite Skills

  Minimum two years experience in performing in-depth analysis and applying complex AIX concepts in a variety of areas within System p and AIX 5L.


  This certification requires 4 test(s).


  1. Test 062 -


  System p5 Virtualization Technical Support

  2. Test 180 - p5 and pSeries Enterprise Technical Support AIX 5L V5.3

  3. Any 1 of the following tests:

  1. 222 - p5 and pSeries Administration and Support AIX 5L V5.3

  2. Test 223 - System p Administrator

  4. Test 237 - pSeries HACMP for AIX 5L